Novena in Honor of the Guardian Angels

(Beginning September 23)
From Prayer-Book for Religious, by Fr. F.X. Lasance

[i. 300 Days, each day.
Plenary, once during the Novena. I, II, IV
See Instructions, p. 1, 1910 Raccolta
St. Pius IX, November 26, 1876]

O most faithful companion, appointed by God to be my guardian, my protector and defender, and who never leavest my side; how shall I thank thee for thy faithfulness and love, and for the benefits which thou hast conferred upon me? Thou watchest over me while I sleep; thou comfortest me when I am sad; thou liftest me up when I am down; thou avertest the dangers that threaten me; thou warnest me of those that are to come; thou withdrawest me from sin, and excitest me to good; thou exhortest me to penance when I fall, and reconcilest me to God. Long ago should I have been thrust down into hell, unless by thy prayers thou hadst turned away from me the anger of God. Leave me not, nor forsake me ever, I beseech thee; but still comfort me in adversity, restrain me in prosperity, defend me in danger, assist me in temptations, lest at any time I fall beneath them. Offer up in the sight of the Divine Majesty my prayers and petitions, and all my works of piety, and help me to persevere in grace, until I come to everlasting life. Amen.

O pure and happy spirits, whom the Almighty selected to become the angels and guardians of men! I most humbly prostrate before you, to thank you for the charity and zeal with which you execute this commission. Alas! How many pass a long life, without ever thanking that invisible friend to whom they a thousand times owed its preservation! O charitable guardians of those souls for whom Christ died! O burning spirits, who can not avoid loving those whom Jesus eternally loved! Permit us to address you on behalf of all those committed to your care, and to impolore for them all in general a grateful sense of your many favors, and also the grace to profit by your charitable assistance. O angels of those happy infants who as yet are without spot before God, preserve their innocence we earnestly conjure you. Angels of youth who are exposed to so many dangers, conduct them safely to the bosom of God, as Tobias was conducted back to his father. Angels of those who employ themselves in the instruction of youth, animate them with your zeal and love; teach them to emulate your purity and ever to keep God in view, as you do, that they may worthily and successfully cooperate with the invisible guardians of those who are in their care. O angels of the clergy, who have the eternal Gospel to preach to those who abide on earth, present their words, their actions, and their intentions to God, and purify them in that fire of love which consumes you. Angels of those who are destined to follow the lamb whithersoever He goeth, obtain for them the true spirit of their holy state, particularly the spirit of silence, recollection, and prayer, that in life and death they may be worthy to be united to their heavenly Spouse. O angels of all those who, throughout the world, are deprived of religious instruction, open for them some source of salvation, raise up some one to break for them the Bread of the Word; and you, O guardian angels of sinners, charitable guides of those unhappy mortals, whose perseverance in sin would embitter even your unutterable joys were you not established in the peace of God, O join us, we ardently beseech you, in imploring their conversion. Angels of all those who at this moment struggle in the agonies of death, strengthen, encourage, and defend them against the attacks of their infernal enemy. O faithful guides! Holy spirits! Ardent adorers of the Divinity! Guardian angels of all creatures! Protect us all; teach us to love, to pray, to combat on earth, and rather obtain for us an instant death, than permit us to commit one mortal sin.

℟. Amen.