Traditional Catholic Resources

Faithful to the Magisterium, the Pope, and the constant Apostolic Tradition of the Church.

  • Traditional Mass Resources

    Learn about the rich history of what Pope Benedict XVI called the “Extraordinary Form” of the Roman Rite (and how it compares to the Novus Ordo), and find a church in your area that celebrates Mass according to this form. Also, how to spot—and why to avoid—schismatics.

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  • What Does the Church Teach About …?

    Have you ever wondered what the Catholic Church really teaches? If you’re Catholic, how well do you know your faith? Do you “disagree” with the Church on certain issues? Find out why the Church teaches what she does, and why dogma cannot “change with the times.”

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  • 24 Traditional Indulgenced Novenas

    A nine days’ private or public devotion to obtain special graces, drawn from traditional sources, these come complete with instructions and references to the Raccolta. They are also printer-friendly, so you can take them with you wherever you go.

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  • CMR’s Recommended Reading

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Statement of Purpose

This website is a response to Pope Benedict XVI’s call for evangelization via “new media.”

While blogs (let alone websites) are hardly new, the increasing use of mobile devices means we can put good information quite literally at people’s fingertips. And because most non-Catholics are horribly misinformed about what the Church actually teaches, we consider apologetics a top priority.

To that end, we wish to provide as many solid resources as possible, as well as commentary on issues that affect the Church.

Prayers in Latin & English

Traditional indulgenced prayers from pre-Vatican II sources such as the Raccolta, the Roman Missal, the Breviary, the Rituale Romanum, and late Fathers and Doctors of the Church.

Daily Bible reading plans, and links to authoritative Scriptural exegesis such as the Catena Aurea, Bishop Challoner’s commentary, and others.

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