The Traditional Catholic Liturgical Calendar

I made my first calendar to better understand the Church Year. Calculating Easter, overlaying the Proper of the Saints, counting Sundays to figure Epiphany, Pentecost, Lent, the Ember Days, and so forth taught me a lot about my faith. It begins to tell a story: the clear, obvious cycles of celebrations for Our Lord Jesus, His mother, the angels, the legions of saints, bring their lives to life in our time. The Catholic Liturgical year is about reliving the life of Christ.

Through the Church’s year, we “re-live” the Gospel, from Christ’s Incarnation and Birth to His Ascension and Heavenly reign. In Spring He enters the world by coming to rest in Mary’s immaculate womb; nine months later, in Winter, He is born, circumcised, and given a Name. He is raised in the Holy Family, and meets His cousin, John. He goes into the Desert and we go with Him during our Lenten Season. Then follow His Passion and Agony, which are soon vanquished by His Resurrection, His Ascension, and the Pentecost. Now He reigns—forever—and we await His Second Coming as we prepare to celebrate again His First Coming.

Here’s how it looks, in brief:

He is coming
He comes
He follows Old Testament Law
He reveals Himself as God
Holy Family
He grows up in a human family
Simeon’s prophecy
We are in exile without Christ
Ash Wednesday
Without Christ, we are dust

Christ is in the desert
Passion Sunday
Jews make plans to kill Jesus
Seven Sorrows
Mary suffers at what is to come
Palm Sunday
He triumphantly enters Jerusalem
Spy Wednesday
Jesus is betrayed by Judas
Maundy Thursday
He offers the first Holy Mass
Good Friday
He is put to death and fulfills Old Testament Law
Holy Saturday
He is in the tomb
He is risen
He ascends to Heaven
He sends the Holy Spirit
Trinity Sunday
The Most Holy Trinity has been fully revealed
Mary is assumed into Heaven & crowned Queen
Christ the King
We recognize Christ’s Kingship now and forever
All Saints
We will triumph as have our heroic saints
All Souls
We pray for those who are awaiting their triumph
Last Sunday After Pentecost
Apocalpyse: He will come to judge the world

Here is 2013’s; one for 2014 will be completed soon. No photos as yet, but they still print beautifully.